Metanoia with Monalisa

  • Monalisa Roy


It’s a bright Sunday morning. You wake up and you realize that the entire year is almost over. It’s the last month. December is here already. You think to yourself “Oh my god, its December already! What was I doing this whole time?”

Sounds familiar?

As we approach the last month of 2019, this is how I felt when I woke up, this December 1st. The year is almost over and it's time to look back on how far we’ve come.

“Quit telling us to forget the past and never look back. We learned from the past, gained wisdom from the past that we apply every day in the process of living. If we forget the past, we’ll forget who we are since that’s where we came from.”
RJ Intindola – 1990

I have never quite understood why people consider looking back as an unpleasant task. As if not talking about it will make it go away. The past is where we learn our greatest lessons and funnily enough we execute those lessons in our everyday lives without even realizing it. Tough times will always be there but we need to learn the lesson and move forward. And once we jot down all those lessons we are ready to prepare for our journey ahead.

New Year Resolutions! What a beautiful way to be hopeful about the upcoming year. How we list out all the things we really want to do! How fun it is to cross it off our list! And how we convince ourselves that this could be our year to achieve greatness!

It is important to learn how to have a productive year this 2020 here’s an article that is worth a read.

Perhaps we want to learn how to ride a horse or learn a new instrument. Maybe we want to learn calligraphy or take up that French class we always wanted to sign up for. And the list goes on.

Before setting out goals you must be clear about what you wish to achieve this year. Do you want to buy that house or that car? Plan for it. Work towards it. Do you want to be a writer? Start writing.

But why do you think it's important to have new year resolutions? Why not go on with our lives and see how it plays out?

Here’s why!


It's just a good way to have fun with your life. Make it exciting. Your New Year Resolutions can be as simple as going on a walk every morning at 6 am. Make sure you stick to the promises you made at the beginning of the year.

Coming up with fun stuff will consume your year and when you start to tick it off your list it will make you feel accomplished.


New Year Resolutions are something you look forward to. The Year is all about promises and plans. I always list out my New Year Resolutions in my New Year Journal and plan it month by month. I always set aside two different months for travelling to a place I have never been before.

I cannot emphasize this enough. Set some time aside for travelling during the year. Travelling can teach you so much.

Looking forward is an important part of life. Learning lessons from your past and executing it in you everyday life will not only help you succeed it will also help you to realize how far you’ve come.


New Year Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves. A commitment to do better and to be better. That is how we grow. Tell yourself that you are going to do better. Sign up for that class. Tell her you were sorry. Learn that instrument!

Having New Year Resolutions drives you throughout the year. Plus it's fun to check something off the list.

Imagine how it would feel to finally learn how to play that instrument or to visit that place? Amazing right? That's what I am talking about.


Having a set of goals increases our focus. It is what we tell ourselves before going to bed that this is what I need to achieve tomorrow. This is where I want to be. It is a great way to clear your mind and start fresh. I have always found it helpful to set goals that help me to improve myself.

For this year, I had one self improvement goal where I wanted to travel solo and it was the best experience I have ever had. It made me push myself past my comfort zone and it made me strong. I feel accomplished and I am glad I went through with it.

And as you go back to sleep on New Years Eve, with the thought of accomplishing so much throughout the year you would realize that it was actually a good idea to list out your Resolutions for the year.

To all my readers out there..what will your New Year Resolutions be?